Litvakus on Brighton Beach

Litvakus finally makes it to Little Odessa! A LOT of songs (learn about macaronic language before you go to the concert:
and heymisher litvisher repertoire – hip and cool, artful and meaningful, traditional and original, for listening and for dancing, in Yiddish and Slavic languages.
A full two-set concert by Litvakus! For reservations, call 718-646-1225.

“The Litvakus band brings to life often overlooked Belarusian and Litvak (Belarusian-Lithuanian) Jewish musical heritage— through the prism of their research of the North-Eastern Europe’s music and the wide variety of their own cultural backgrounds. Backed by generations of klezmorim and muzyki, Litvakus are extending the bridge to the modern audiences worldwide, making the old sound new and fresh, hip and meaningful, for the sake of the future of the millennial legacy.”


Purim Spiel SHADOW PUPPET THEATER in Russian

Tickets are $10 for JCC members and $15 for nonmembers. To Purchase Tickets in Advance: Call The JCC in Manhattan Box Office 646.505.5708 or Online. Code: EGRPPT01W2 for Russian, EGRPPT02W2 for English.
Come with friends, parents and grandparents to the JCC’s state of-the-art theater for PURIM SPIEL, a unique Shadow Puppet Theater created in artistic collaboration by Leonid Khanin and Luba Proger, founders of Experience a shadow puppet show projected on a spherical “bubble” that will have you cheering for Queen Esther. For the first time, this unique children’s puppetry production of the Purim story will be performed in two languages, in Russian at 11AM and in English at 12 NOON by professional musicians. The Russian version includes songs from classic Soviet cartoons while the English one features parodies of well-known musical theater, pop and rock tunes.
Special book readings from PJ Library will take place after the show in The JCC lobby. Also at the lobby: Zshuk Art Initiative Puppet Making Workshops (11:30AM and 12:30PM).
Families will enjoy tasting hamantaschen (traditional Purim cookies) with beverages and other Purim treats.
The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater Project was made possible, in part, with generous support from The Genesis Philanthropy Group and Olga and Ruvim Breydo. The original 2009 production was made possible by The Center Without Walls, a project of COJECO, a beneficiary of UJA-Federation of NY.
TWO SHOWS at 11 AM (in Russian), 12 NOON (in English)


The Lost & Found Project presents ДOROGA

The Lost & Found Project presents ДOROGA, an interactive play that explores personal family stories about the Russian-Jewish immigrant experience through a series of dramatic snapshots and a dialogue between the past and the present.
The Lost & Found Project is an experimental theatre troupe featuring Russian-Jewish actors born in the 70s-80s in the former Soviet Union, who immigrated to the United States with their families. Through the process of investigation into personal family histories, weaving together family narratives, legends and personal stories, a play emerged.
Conceived by Anna Zicer, written by the Lost & Found cast, and directed by Ben Sargent, ДOROGA is a gripping theatrical oeuvre that will transport audiences between decades of lost memories and uncovered experiences.
Lost & Found is sponsored by CWW a project of COJECO supported by the UJA-Federation of NY and Genesis Philanthropy Group.


Purim DressUP Exravaganza

Join Zshuk Art Initiative for Purim DressUP Extravaganza for the entire family taking place at the New York Aquarium.

DOWNLOAD, PRINT and BRING this COUPON to get a discount admission on March 4th, 12 – 2pm. (Admission without a coupon is adults: $14.95, children: $10.95)

Russian Events NY

Balkon CD Release and Pike, Gofman, Savin, Lenin, Big Beat & Kot Kleiman

Part of Balkon CD release tour (also shows in Downhouse and Boston).

Friends of Olenij Smeh will perform their short sets, after which them and Balkon & Co will perform the songs from new CD in a semi-acoustic manner.

Performers: Igor Balkon, The Pike, Dmitry Savin, Ivan Lenin, Ilya Gofman, KOT Kleinman, “Big Beat” & Дима Банников

Russian Events NY

Електрический Балкон, Мобиус & Анатолий Курлат Младший

Wording from Facebook listing: Igor (Balkon) will perform his plugged set with Downhouse Tuesday Night Jam Band to celebrate his CD release. Mobius will kick ass as usual. Tolik Kurlat will be there to share his forest wisdom. $10 at the door, or email us in advance to be put on guest list.

Russian Events NY

Кошмар на улице Х

Кошмар и Ку-Ку в составе: Саша Барабанщица, Гена Фельдман – бас, Володя Поляков – гитара (Вова – гитарист оригинального состава группы “Ку-Ку”, Слава Яссер – перкуссия/гитара/юкалеле, Jason Wurtzel – альт, Миша Корости – губная гармошка.

Russian Events NY

Exhibit "& Rosencrantz: Dmitry Sokolenko"

The Museum of Russian Art in collaboration with Dino Eli Gallery is pleased to present “& Rosencrantz”, an exhibition of works by St. Petersburg – based conceptual photographer Dmitry Sokolenko. The present series is inspired by the existential tragicomedy by the renowned British playwright Tom Stoppard “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”, with its main theme of the ability of a regular individual and to overcome irrationality and randomness of history. “&Rosencrantz” presents Sokolenko’s humorous visualization of the conflict between art, politics and reality. By inserting children’s stickers into the photographs of recognizable symbols of power, revolt or images of dedicated human labor, the artist underplays the seriousness of his message. An integral part of the series, a contemporized version of the celebrated play will be presented at the opening of the show.

The Museum of Russian Art is delighted to present “& Rosencrantz” during the Armory Show of 2012 in New York. Drawing on the rich legacy of the original play and Stoppard’s long-term involvement with Amnesty International and human rights activism in the former Soviet Union, “&Rosencrantz” lends itself to a sophisticated interpretation of the current political landscape in Russia.

Presenting “&Rosencrantz” during the Armory Show marks first in the series of exhibitions of contemporary Russian art presented by MoRa outside the premises of the museum.

Dmitry Sokolenko
Born in 1977 in St. Peterburg, Russia, Dmitry Sokolenko received a Master’s Degree in Microbiology from St. Peterburg State University. Embarking on the artistic career in his late 20`s, Dmitry chose classic literature and current political events as main sources of inspiration. Since 2000, Dmitry had a number of highly successful international solo shows. In 2008, he was nominated for the prestigious Kandinsky Prize for his collaboration with Olga Tobreluts, one of the most prominent members of Timur Novikov`s Academy of Fine Arts. Dmitry works and lives in St. Petersburg.

Russian Events NY

Hipsters (Stilyagi) film-musical

2008 – Russia – Russian (with English subtitles) – 130 minutes – Leisure Time Features
Directed by: Valeriy Todorovskiy
Featuring: Anton Shagin, Oksana Akinshina and Evgeniya Khirivskaya
Hipsters is a candy colored musical set in Moscow 1955 at the height of the Cold War. Stalin has been dead two years and a revolt against the crushing conformity of Russian life is taking place among a small segment of the country’s youth who follow and emulate American jazz culture, its music and fashions, albeit in an exaggerated manner. Mels, a member of the Communist youth group Komsomol, falls in love with Polly who is part of the Hipsters (Stilyagi) crowd and he soon becomes immersed in the Hipster scene of swing dancing, smoky nightclubs, hot jazz, pompadours and poodle skirts.
“A visually stunning and energetic musical satirizing repression in the Soviet Union.”
-Hollywood Reporter
“A buoyant musical… It beats with a warm heart that is hard to resist.”
-BoxOffice Magazine
“Shot like an MGM classic”
-Washington Post

Russian Events NY

Red Elvises concert

Русский Рок-клуб в Америке представляет концерт знаменитой рок-н-рольной группы из Лос-Анджелеса “Red Elvises”.
Большой друг нашего рок-клуба, хэдлайнер двух последних фестивалей “Эхо” – группа “Red Elvises” – едет с сольным концертом в Нью-Йорк. Встречайте ребят с их новыми (и любимыми старыми) песнями!
Услышать песни группы “Red Elvises” можно на их сайте.