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JetЛАГ 2013

From event FB Page: Dear friends. We would like to share with you this wonderful news. JetLag 2013 will take place June 21 – 23. It will take place at the same location as last year – Peaceful Valley Campsite. Festival line up is promising to be so unusual that it surprises even festival organizers.

Russian Events NY


Умка – квартирник в Нью-Йорке! вход свободный, donation обязательный. Wiki: “…Песни Умки (Анны Герасимовой) аранжированы в стиле американо-британского гитарного рока 60—70-х, который варьируется от жёсткого ритм-энд-блюза до психоделии в духе Grateful Dead.”

Russian Events NY

Russian Rock and Bard Festival Echo-2013

Друзья и поклонники фестиваля «ЭХО»! Организаторы фестиваля обращаются к вам с радостной вестью! И пусть летит она по свету, вселяя в сердца радостное ожидание! Всю радостную весть от и до вы найдёте на сайте и ФБ-странице фестиваля.

Russian Events NY

Volumetric Society: Sonic Sculpture with Taras Mashtalir and Marina Korsakova-Kreyn

Join the Volumetric Society of New York and Harvestworks in presenting Russian sonic artist Taras Mashtalir and Cognition and Neuroscience scholar Marina Korsakova-Kreyn showcasing the unique relationship between sonic interfaces, form and the brain. This lecture, which has been previously been given at the MIT Media Lab will cover the concept of sonic sculpture, an interactive multimedia artifact that consists of an urban sculpture, either static or kinetic, accompanied by sound design in a multichannel configuration.
SonicSculptureConventional urban sculpture is silent. However, it is surrounded by sounds of the city and the constant stream of those sounds constitutes “sonic pollution.” By introducing sound design we refine urban microclimates and eliminate the sonic pollution by embracing the sounds of the city and including them in a composition that becomes a soundscape. The purpose of such a soundscape is to breath life into static sculptures and to create harmonious sonic aesthetics in the urban environment.
Sonic sculpture could benefit from data obtained in recent behavioral studies in music perception, particularly when the data is related to emotional responses to music. Moreover, sonic sculpture promises to make impact on music education by providing visual illustrations for explanation of quasispatial properties of melodic space and melodic objects. This might create a new vocabulary for explaining acoustics and music for learners of various background.
Taras Mashtalir is an artist, composer and sound designer, a classical musician turned electronic sound producer. His compositions are unique blend of different genres morphed together and wrapped into a new aesthetic fabric of electronic ambiance. For the past 12 years Taras has produced numbers of albums, collaborating with many major artists. The works also include multimedia installations, soundtracks for the films and animations, as well as music for TV ads and programs like Discovery Science Channel, History Channel, Speed Channel, etc.
Marina Korsakova-Kreyn – PhD in Cognition and Neuroscience. Music philosopher and scholar in music perception and cognition, professional pianist and music teacher – Taras Mashtalir – Marina Korsakova-Kreyn – Sonic Sculpture


"Covers" by Lost & Found Project

The long-awaited debut is finally here! The National Yiddish Theatre – Folksbiene.RU presents: “COVERS” By The Lost & Found Project
“Covers”, the second original production from the Lost & Found Project, is an interactive play that explores personal family stories about the Russian-Jewish identity experience.
“Covers” looks into family bonds, our choices, our definition of success, and the directions we take that form our lives. All these, which are inevitable products to ourselves and to our relationships, that are the glue of our lives, as well as the possible cause of our downfalls.
“Covers” is a gripping theatrical oeuvre that will transport audiences between decades of lost memories and uncovered experiences.
The Lost & Found Project is an experimental theatre troupe featuring Russian-Jewish actors born in the 70s-80s in the former Soviet Union, who found their way to the United States with their families. Through the process of investigation into personal family histories, weaving together family narratives, legends and personal stories, Lost & Found Project is proud to present COVERS.
Directed by an acclaimed Russian director ALEXANDRE MARINE
Conceived and produced by Anna Zicer
Written by Ruvym Gilman & Boris Zilberman
Original music Dmitri Marine
Folksbinene.RU is a partnership initiative of the Genesis Philanthropy Group and National Yiddish Theatre – Folksbiene.
Marketing and outreach sponsorship is provided by COJECO, an agency of the UJA-Federation of New York

Russian Events NY

Yoke concert

Dear friends, we are happy to announce, that the legendary inimitable YOKE band will play one & only show of this season Friday night at Lower East Side location. Don’t miss the chance to see old musical friends reunite for one enchanting evening!

Russian Events NY

Russian Rock Festival II

YURI NAUMOV (Russian Blues Guitar Legend)
(times are subject to change)

Russian Events NY

Daydream of the Sleepwalker, short film screening

Stop-motion film featuring Estelle Bajou, Ilya Popenko, Elisabeth Belomlinsky, Nigel Hendrickson, Janusz Gilewicz and Yuriy Progress.
An unrecognized painter encounters his own ego in a form of an uninvited strange guest. As a result of this encounter, the struggling artist is compelled to reexamine his views on art production.

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The End of Light group exhibit

Stravinsky Institute Foundation presents The End of Light – an art event at the Academy. The venue is an architectural gem and an Edwardian landmark that used to house the New York Academy of Science. Its grand neo-classical interiors serve as a backdrop to the two-day show featuring art installations and performances.
The End of Light is a farewell to the mental frame of Enlightenment expressed through a variety of media.
The End of Light presents a group of international artists, who channel their concerns and postmodern ambivalence into painting, sculpture, installation, performance, music, photography and video projection. The artists belong to different generations but they all share fin de siècle sensibilities. The “visible darkness” of our time, appealing to the artist’s intellect rather than his rational (sensory) perception, becomes a common point of departure. The exhibit takes place in the grand old New York Academy of Science building, whose eclectic interior evokes the bygone age of Enlightenment, humanism, and veneration of science. The tension between the harmonious atmosphere of this neoclassical mansion and the liberal spirit of experimentation emanating from the exhibited works adds a layer of fine irony and dialectic complexity.
Curated by Julia Nitsberg
The event is generously supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

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Swingin' Penguin 4th anniversary electro-swing party

Swingin’Penguin, Williamsburg Escapades, and Harlequin Consultants present:
Vintage Swing by Svetlana & The Delancey Seven live!!!
Swing lesson / Swing dancing on the hardwood floor
Burlesque Dancers
Vintage phonograph DJ MAC (of WFMU Radio) with original 78’s records
Silent Movie screening via vintage projector by Movie Mike
Prohibition era inspired food in the backyard by Two Spoons
Photo-booth hosted by WhiteCrowPictures
VJ projections by Glitchy Fairy
Specialty prohibition cocktails by Harlequin Consultants
Electro-Swing dancing later in the night by DJ Spinach …
Guests are encouraged to wear prohibition-inspired attire…
$10 in advance on ticketfly