Join Andrey Bartenev and friends at the DUMBO Arts Festival with the triumphant arts procession. Imagine a ferry of boisterous bodies triumphantly arriving in Brooklyn from Manhattan’s South Street Seaport! Imagine yourself in this colorful procession marching through the streets of DUMBO, carrying a manifestation of your personal dream and sharing in others’, dancing to the beat and building the bubble of collective hope.
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120 performers dressed in fantastical, multi bubbled ridden costumes by Andrey Bartenev moving as a unified growing organism via streets of DUMBO. Directed by Mei Ann Teo, with live musicians by Joe Tucker, bubbles by the Gazillion Bubbles Show, the arrival by East River Ferry, the grounds by DUMBO Arts Festival and supported by YOU! How glam is that?! Your contribution will make it all a reality. Visit the Kickstarter page above, get all the details, choose your reward to the right, or simply click the big green button: BACK THIS PROJECT to make your own choice of contribution starting with $1.

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