You are invited for an evening of music and readings of Anya Kozorez. Together with a multi-instrumentalist Dan Veksler, a drummer Aleksandra Mogilevich, and a photo/ video artist Igor Molochevsky, for one night only, this will be Anya as you’ve never seen before. Intimate and full of surprises, uncensored and unplugged.
This evening is being made possible thanks to Victoria Malev and her famous music sessions at the Tact Theater Studio.
ANYA KOZOREZ is a Russian-born New York City-based composer, songwriter, and a quirky chanteuse. She breathes life into musical instruments and has an ability to hear inanimate objects talk. Anya believes to be an illegitimate child of Leonard Cohen conceived during the original performance of Kurt Weill’s Die Dreigroschenoper or, possibly, during the first rehearsal of Tom Wait’s score for The Black Rider. For a living she endeavors to comprehend all things poignant and impetuous, processing it all in her internal blender, and, as an end-result, regurgitating goods that make it all seem occasionally worthwhile.
DAN VEKSLER is a resident of the East side of life, and a chronic musician. He is half of the Es Muss Sein Quartet, and various other entanglements.
ALEKSANDRA MOGILEVICH is a female drummer who has been playing drums for 12 years in Russia and the US. She has been fortunate to play with such great musicians as Benny Golson, Garry Fisher, Heath Brothers, Boris Kozlov,Yaacov Mayman, Anya Kozorez and much more. Aleksandra has performed at festivals all over the US, as well as Israel, Russia, and Zildjian days in Moscow.
IGOR MOLOCHEVSKY is a Ukrainian artist currently residing in New York. Born and raised in a family with a long line of artists, Igor learned ways to express his reality through media of photography and installation, and over time developed his own unique style. For him camera is a scalpel, that digs under a known appearance to uncover the rifts between experience and observation, spirituality and religion, self and reality. The goal of his work is to rejoin opposites into one. One of the biggest influences in his work is German expressionism of the 1930s.
Paypal $20 ahead of time (to [email protected]) or
$25 at the door (the prices include alcohol).

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