Join Shorefront Y for the screening premier of “The Enthusiast’s Demarche”, dedicated to Russian writer Sergey Dovlatov.

The film includes interviews with: Elena Dovlatova, Dovlatov’s widow; Ksana Mechik, Dovlatov’s sister; Lev Losev, writer; Andrey Ariev, writer/critic; Vagrich Bachkhanyan, artist/writer; Vitaly Komar, artist; Lyudmila Stern, writer; Alexander Genis, writer; and many others. Dovlatov’s fate was full of mysteries and changes. He played with his life the same way he played with his characters – openly and recklessly. He passed away at the age of 48, just missing his fantastic popularity back at home in Russia. Candid, occasionally almost confessional stories told in the film help develop a multi-faceted, uniquely lively personality of a wonderful man and a great writer. The film aims to create the effect that Sergey Dovlatov is still here with us. The screening is sponsored by The New Review Corporation (USA).

Directed by: Sergey Kokovkin. In Russian

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