Although this map looks like Target store locations across Russia, this is about music made in the Former USSR, not discounted goods made in China.
A message from David MacFadyen of “I’m writing to let you know about a new, updated website: “Far from Moscow”. Based at the University of California, Los Angeles, this is the only English-language resource for new music all the way from Poland to the Pacific Coast.
Covering not only releases on CD, but also the large number of netlabels from Russia and beyond, “Far from Moscow” offers profiles of 1,200+ artists, together with a unique video aggregator, gathering concert footage and promo-clips from hundreds of ensembles. It has already been called the “best site on Russian music” by one Moscow publication. If you’re interested in new bands, DJs, and electronic acts from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic, we’d love to keep you up to speed; please feel free to sign up for our RSS feed. If, on the other hand, that doesn’t sound appealing, please let us know, and we’ll remove your name from our lists!”

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