From the event invite:

This Holiday Season, there is a real reason to be jolly! Our favorite rythm, groove, and drive master is back on U.S. Soil! He is no “Дед Мороз”, but he only shows up once a year, with a big bag of tricks, and he always delivers! It doesn’t matter if you have been good or bad all year long, because I know that most of you have been waiting for this concert since last year’s show. Treat yourself right during the holidays, cancel your trips, put everything else on hold, and give yourself a real holiday gift – come to the show, and celebrate with us.

Zak May is certainly most closely associated with Russian Rock, but he is too multi-faceted to fit into the bounds of one genre. This is why he breathes a new kind of life into the covers he chooses to sing, which he picks from many genres and from all over the world. Zak masterfully combines drive, groove, and rhythm with beautiful lyrics and melodies. His charisma and powerful stage presence transform him into a shaman, a spiritual medium, connecting current and retro music of the world to the modern audience. Zak’s original songs are powerful, explicit, filled with humor, and style, and they are always directed at you. The honest and hard hitting lyrics state the kinds of things we want to say but don’t. And they are certainly like no other songs you’ve heard before.

You can experience this live for just $20 bucks, $15 if you hurry, and don’t miss the sale. If you haven’t yet seen Zak May live, don’t take anyone’s word for it, and don’t settle for the recordings, come to the show and see what I mean.

Supply of $15 tickets is limited, and available on a first-come first-serve basis (You can always pay $20 at the door). Note that an entry ticket to the show does not necessarily mean that you will have a place to sit. If you need to guarantee yourself sitting space please reserve a table directly with DownHouse lounge by calling 718-627-3200 OR 917-687-4774 (table minimum charges may apply, make sure to ask).

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