The new season of Russian literary and film programs is approaching fast. This year the season starts on September 19th with a prequel of sorts, we will showcase a selection of new books by Russian American authors which were recently published in Russia. I hope that such programs will become a tradition. Please mark your calendars and spread the word: on September 19th we are happy to present new books by Vladimir Druk, Mark Kopelev, Pavel Lembersky and Alexander Stessin.
Poet Vladimir Druk presents his book “Odnorazovye ptitsy” which was released by a venerable publishing house “Novoe Literaturnoe obozrenie”.
Mark Kopelev has just published a collection of his photographs and essays on major Russian cultural personalities in the book “Pis’ma s togo sveta” (pub. Moscow, “Zebra”, 2010)
Poet Alexander Stessin introduces his new book of poetry “Chasy priyoma”, published by Russkiy Gulliver.
The same publishing house “Russiy Gulliver” has also released a collection of short prose by Pavel Lembersky “Unikal’nyj sluchaj”.
All books will be available for purchase and signing. Program is in Russian.

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