Literary Theater Dialogue & WorkShop Theater Company present Historical Romance: Boris Pasternak, Olga Ivinskaya, and the Birth of “Doctor Zhivago.”
The scenes from “The Candle Burned…” , “Lightning from Heaven”, and a unique documentary from Olga Ivinskaya’s archive.
Pasternak and Ivinskaya are the inspiration behind two full-length plays – Irina Volkovich’s
“The Candle Burned…” (performed in Russian by Literary Theater “Dialogue”) and Scott C. Sickles’ “Lightning from Heaven” (performed in English by WorkShop Theater Company).
Now, for the first time, actors from two different theaters will come together on one stage to present scenes from both pieces, in both languages. What you will see is a unique fusion of languages, cultures, and theater genres – as the artists portray the romance that, from its earliest days, was sparked by Pastnernak’s allegedly anti-Soviet novel.
In English and Russian

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