Fez Art Café Presents – Sveta Shmulyian (voice), Alex Alabin (guitar), Dmitry Ishenko (bass) and Misha Seropyan (saxophone / flute) in Jazz Compote… Jazz Compote is a mix of styles, músico camarades, and instruments de musique – based in jazz canons. Whether an intimate set of a few Jazz Coompote musicians or a boisterous sound of the full Jazz Compote band, the music inspires and energizes both jazz lovers and novices alike….
Svetlana Shmulyian is an up and coming voice in the New York jazz scene. Having made waves at recent New York music festivals and gatherings with her spirited performances of traditional jazz, tango, and French chanson arrangements, Svetlana is now performing in various venues around the city. Her voice combines tenderness and vulnerability with the strength of a seasoned vocalist as well as the warmth and beauty rooted in the traditional canons of jazz and old-time Russian romance. Svetlana has performed in various venues around New York since the late 90s including such renown spots as Irridium, Bitter End, Tajine gallery, and many others. http://www.myspace.com/svetlanas
Alex Alabin is an accomplished New York City jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist. Alex’s compositions combine sophistication and beauty created by a seasoned jazz artist – with an unexpected edge and subtlety rooted in improvisational jazz, Russian classical music, and Brasilian bossa nova. A graduate of the Jazz Composition and Arranging program of the New School University in New York City he is a much sought out collaborator on projects by dozens of artists ranging in styles from jazz and acoustic music – to rock and improvisation theatre. Alex recorded several solo CDs and participated in numerous recordings of other artists. Alex has performed in various venues, including Carnegie Hall, The German Consulate and many others. http://www.myspace.com/alexanderalabin
Dmitry Ishenko is a versatile and in-demand New York City bass player. He has performed and recorded with such jazz greats as Steve Lacy, John Tchicai, Myron Walden, Roy Campbell, Jr., Sam Yahel, Joe Lovano, and many others. A graduate of both the Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, he is also a busy session player and arranger, having worked with members of Santana, Tower of Power, and, most recently, Paul Banks of Interpol on his album “Julian Plenti is…Skyscraper.” Dmitry has performed all over Northern America, Western Europe, Russia, and Japan. www.myspace.com/dmitryishenko
Ukraine born saxophonist, Michael Seropyan graduated Performing Arts High School in New York and then later received his BFA in Performance from The New School. He has studied with musicians like Lew Tabackin,Chris Potter, Eric Alexander, Gary Dial and numerous others. Throughou this high school and college years Michael received numerous awards,some of which include the Clifford Brown/Stan Getz Fellowships Award,Outstanding Soloist Award at the Essentially Ellington High School Competition, Texaco Jazz Competition Award, to name a few. Michael has performed at a variety venues in New York City, including Birdland,Village Vanguard, Blue Note, B. B. Kings, Rainbow Room, as well as worldwide venues, including Half Note in Athens, Greece, Shinjuku Loftand Shibuya On Air East in Tokyo, Japan. Some of the bands Michael has worked with include Tohiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, Standpipe Siamese,Yoke, Yalloppin’ Hounds, Alicia Keys Band and many others, playing music of different genres. Michael has worked with numerous Gospel Artists some of which include Leon Lacey, James ‘JJ’ Hairston, to name the few. Currently, Michael makes a living in NYC as a full time musician.

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