is happy to announce the second installation of new reading series, The Yiderati: a reading series dedicated to showcasing the work of a new generation of Jewish writers, and writers with Jewish stories. This month, Jewcy returns with The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever, to take place September 15th at Le Poisson Rouge.
Just three days before we atone for our sins, Jewcy will ask the burning question: does anyone do guilt quite as well as Jews? Sure, you could say Catholics, and maybe you’d be right, but we think Jewish guilt is something different, something…special. And on September 15th, at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, we’ve enlisted thirteen very special guests to prove it to you.
Rachel Shukert (Author, “Everything is Going to be Great”)
Ben Greenman (New Yorker, Author, “What He’s Poised to Do”)
Jami Attenberg (Author, “The Melting Season”)
Matthue Roth (Author, “Nevermind the Goldbergs”)
Fiona Maazel (Author, “Last Last Chance”)
Michael Hearst (One Ring Zero)
Scott Lindenbaum (Electric Literature)
Melissa Broder (Poet/Author “When You Say One Thing But mean Your Mother”)
Adam Lustick (Snakes/Harvard Sailing Team)
Maris Kreizman (Slaughterhouse 90210)
Adam Wilson (The Faster Times)
Jared Bloom (The Full Ginsburg/McSweeneys)

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