For twenty years Diana Arbenina has been taking the stage to create her magic. Diana’s songs not only inspire her audience to sing along with her, but also take her audience’s breath away. Diana plays her music with such gentle sensitivity that both these reactions can be honestly drawn from her fans. She goes from deeply penetrating hits to daringly revealing acoustics and then suddenly turns to poetry, reciting what she calls “anti songs”. Without fail, the moments between the first notes of the first song and the cheers for encore are fleeting.
On December 10th and 11th in New York and San Francisco it will be the same, but… better. After 20 years of artistic life this event is not just a formal anniversary.
It is a unique celebration of Diana’s accumulations of experiences throughout the years she has performed and her masterful ability to share them with her fans.
Immediately following her anniversary concert in Moscow, Diana will embark on a journey to the US visiting two distinct cities, New York-the sparkling, sleepless city of the East Coast- and San Fransisco, the flamboyant, colorful city of the West Coast. We are beginning the festivities soon – come join us!

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