The New Review documentary, “Russian New York: The New Review”, premiered at The Russian Documentary Film Festival at Tribeca in September 2012. This documentary shows one of the most inspiring and important pages of New York City – the life and creative endeavors of the postwar wave of Russian immigration to the US. The documentary is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of The New Review, the oldest Russian Emigre intellectual journal. The New Reviewwas founded in 1942 by the famous writer Mark Aldanov and poet Mikhail Zetlin in collaboration with Ivan Bunin. For decades this publication has been a cultural center of Russia Abroad. Among its authors were Nobel laureates Ivan Bunin, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Brodsky, as well as plethora of the best-known writers of Russian literature in exile and Soviet Samizdat. Their names have been forever engraved into the very memory of the streets of New York.
Director – Alexandra Sviridova, 2012, 45 min. This screening is a part of Russian-American History Month.

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