Cyril Tuschi’s acclaimed documentary chronicles the spectacular rise and fall of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was arrested on transparently false tax and embezzlement charges after speaking out against state corruption under Putin. Once the richest man in Russia, he has been held in a Siberian prison since 2003 and is now one of the world’s most famous political prisoners.
Weaving together in-depth interviews (including the first on-camera exchange with Khodorkovsky since his arrest), archival material, and stylized computer-animated reenactments, Tuschi shows us a man who embodies the paradox that is modern Russia — condemning the very corruption that helped make his fortune and envisioning a new Russia with respect for the rule of law. Stolen twice from the filmmaker’s office before its Berlin premiere, this is investigative journalism as political thriller.
Director: Cyril Tuschi; Studio: Kino Lorber; 2011; 111 min.

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