Second Wind: in honor of Nina Iskrenko, Sergey Kurekhin, Alexey Parschikov, Dmitry Prigov, Elena Shvarts

You are cordially invited to attend and, if you wish, participate (!) in the
Russian/American Poetry Symposium to be held:

Stevens is quickly and easily reached by subway (the PATH is just one stop from Manhattan) and other forms public transportation. For directions, see:
Headquarters for the symposium will be on the third floor of the Morton Building on the northeast corner of 6th and River Streets (a short walk from both the subway and bus stops). The poetry reading will be in 228 Kidde, which is attached to the Morton Building.
The event is free and open to the public

Panels and Round Tables
11am- 1pm

(1) Translation and publication of Russian poetry in English and English poetry in Russian (Chair: Andrey Gritsman) Among issues that may be discussed: Russian-American Poetry Translation and Exchange after Perestroika, anthologies, journals, change of scenery — Approach to Translation: Nabokov vs. Wilson and Why We Translate at all? — Bilingual Poetry, Is it Possiible. Presentation of the anthology Stranger at Home: American Poetry with an Accent.

(2) Current cultural affiliations (or lack thereof) within the former Soviet bloc and neighboring countries. (Chair: Murat Nemet-Nejat) (At present we have volunteers from Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, and Turkey. I would like to see a similar panel for US poetry.)

1pm – 2:00 pm – lunch

2pm – 4pm:
(1) Discission of current translations of Mandelstam and the work that needs to be done. (Chair: John High)
(2) Russian/American translation/publication project (Chair: Vadim Mesyats). Discussion of translation projects TALISMAN – RUSSIAN GULLIVER
(3) Memorial panel (CENTRAL EVENT) (Chair: Vladimir Druk)
4pm-5pm: coffee break
5pm – 7:30 pm: Poetry reading
7:30 dinner

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