Sofy Yuditskaya (@horusVacui) is a non-disciplinary researcher and practitioner, examining the nature of human actions in relationship to their fragmented digital representations. Her practice weaves together a variety of performance types, including musical performance with her own transmission based instruments, the uttered word, interactive dance, techno-futuristic occult rituals, and a variety of site specific social experiments.

Color Mapping/Depth Mapping Glitchtopia (2 min)

Perverted Pet Peace (2 min)
Live video performance with with Maria Joao Salema in white gloves and magic wand, pushing toy bugs. Performed at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn as part of Work Hard, Party Harder 2012

Point, Line, Surface (2 min)
Made at Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes. Point Line Surface is an interactive multichannel audio and video installation that allows participants to create a dynamic environment representative of how machines see the world, iteratively through scan lines. This is achieved by distorting both the video and audio using techniques such as granular synthesis and scan line filters.

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