Be prepared to be swept off your feet, to be raised up high and to be brought down – ever so smoothly and gently… Svetlana & Friends are performing at the legendary Zinc Bar in the heart of Greenwich Village! The group will perform a solid repertoire of familiar jazz material as well as world-music infused unexpected interpretations of some less known tunes giving each award winning musician a chance to express their captivating interpretative skills.

Svetlana will be joined by Misha Tsiganov, an award winning “brilliant musician and composer” (Norman Hedman) and “one of the premier pianists in modern jazz today” (Joe Chambers) on the amazing Zinc’s grand piano (Klavierhaus Steinway no less!), Dmitry Ishenko (bass) with his uniquely powerful, inventive and daring yet yielding sound, and Alexandra Mogilevich (drums), one of the few critically acclaimed hard hitting female Russian percussionists on the international scene.

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