Alexandra Rozenman

Moscow-born, both classically and conceptually trained, Alexandra Rozenman brings a canny and charming mysticism to her life and art. Rozenman came to America from Moscow, Russia as a political refugee at the end of the eighties, when again through history the world was changing its shape and purpose. She creates her personal and often surreal world, where shapes, colors and images are often utilized like words in a story. Living in the Soviet Union Rozenman studied in Russia with today well-known dissident artists and was a part of Moscow alternative cultural scene of the 1980’s.

She holds Masters degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Beginning in 1989, her work has been represented nationally and internationally. In 2006 she was awarded a MacDowell Foundation Fellowship. She works in a wide range of schools, using art as a tool for personal growth.

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Alisa Apreleva

Alisa Apreleva is a Russian avant-garde singer, composer, multiinstrumentalist, producer, and poet. Alisa Apreleva’s music is rooted in a wide variety of genres: from authentic Eastern Slavic folklore to chamber to jazz to rock to film music. She uses voice and an array of acoustic instruments (cellos, harp, accordion, hang drum, piano, ethnic drums), along with electronic processing, in her compositions, creating the style best described as “acoustic ambient”.

Alisa Apreleva’s most recent CD, “Lucidus”, includes 11 compositions for voice, drums and three celli, one of which Alisa plays herself. “Lucidus” is a unique sounding and emotive experience for anyone who listens to it. It is a strange, atmospheric mixture of classical, rock, ethnic and sacred elements, which takes you beyond the point of just listening to the music and gives you a chance to go for a mystical journey toward your true self.

Some of the venues Alisa Apreleva has performed at are: Grand Concert Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, B2 Club (Moscow, Russia), Webster Hall (NYC, NY), Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA), Berklee Performance Center (Boston, MA), Old South Church (Boston, MA), Amante Club (San Francisco, CA), Jewel Box Theatre (Seattle, WA), Library of Arts (Voronezh, Russia), Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (Mexico City, Mexico), Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow, Russia), DOM cultural center (Moscow, Russia).

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