Stravinsky Institute Foundation presents The End of Light – an art event at the Academy. The venue is an architectural gem and an Edwardian landmark that used to house the New York Academy of Science. Its grand neo-classical interiors serve as a backdrop to the two-day show featuring art installations and performances.
The End of Light is a farewell to the mental frame of Enlightenment expressed through a variety of media.
The End of Light presents a group of international artists, who channel their concerns and postmodern ambivalence into painting, sculpture, installation, performance, music, photography and video projection. The artists belong to different generations but they all share fin de siècle sensibilities. The “visible darkness” of our time, appealing to the artist’s intellect rather than his rational (sensory) perception, becomes a common point of departure. The exhibit takes place in the grand old New York Academy of Science building, whose eclectic interior evokes the bygone age of Enlightenment, humanism, and veneration of science. The tension between the harmonious atmosphere of this neoclassical mansion and the liberal spirit of experimentation emanating from the exhibited works adds a layer of fine irony and dialectic complexity.
Curated by Julia Nitsberg
The event is generously supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

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