Message from Vadim: Dear all, “Agricultural Dreams” band is back! I’m very excited to announce an upcoming NYC concert at wonderful Cafe Vivaldi on Thursday, February 28, 9pm.
You know, writing music is not easy… We’ve had lots of fun playing in October, then I listened to recordings, and went to back to rewrite, rearrange, and so on. Now we are rehearsing pretty hard a new version of my composition “Agricultural Dreams”. I hope that this time this is the final version..
We will be playing more or less periodically this spring. Im very fortunate to work with this very special musicians:
Tammy Scheffer — voice
Tomoko Omura —violin
Davy Mooney— guitar
Dan Foose —bass
Ronen Itzik — drums, percussion
Their amazing, exceptional talents and dedication to the music are very very inspiring. Im learning so much!
For me, and also for the guys in the band, it’s all about the process. And this is an exciting process, that’s for sure. So, please come by and see/hear it for yourself — we would love to share with you results of our work.
On the other note — my piano solo record “Music for September” is coming out on Sunnyside Records on March 26. You’ll hear more about this very soon. But first— see you at Vivaldi!

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