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Message from Genia Brin, mother of Sergei Brin, National Chair of myStory, HIAS board member: “If you are an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, like my family, I imagine you also were introduced to HIAS within hours of leaving the Soviet Union. HIAS met us at the Vienna airport and at the train in […]

What a fucking wise one! Must be an ethnographer

Рассказывает Радик: Гостил я как-то у друзей в Балтиморе. Зашли мы шумною гурьбой в супермаркет и стали весело прицениваться к товарам. Тут я со своей потребительской корзиной оказался в другой части магазина. И услышал, как одна пожилая женщина говорит мужу: “What a fucking crazy bunch! Must be Russians”.

Konstantin Bokov, Recycle NYC

Konstantin Bokov studied at the Surikov’s Art Institute in Moscow. From 1972 the artist had maintained gallery of his works which attracted much interest among Moscow intellectuals. In 1975 the «ideologically unreliable» artist was expelled from the Soviet Union. Since then he has found solidarity with the marginalized waste of American culture, wandering the streets […]

Tatyana and Sergei Nikitin

Exclusively at the Shorefront Y, revered musical duo Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin present an unforgettable concert of Russian bard music titled “As Our Past Unfolds Before Me…”. “As our past unfolds before me, I turn my gaze to those young boys who turned soldiers in ’41 – and humanists in ’45.” David Samoilov The program […]

Cirkus Animation ABC – How IT works

Have you always wanted to know how they make those amazing 3D commercials on tv? Check out the video and find out the in’s and out’s of the whole animation process!

In Soviet Russia YouTube watches you

Tim Kirby, an American living in Moscow, explains Russians in their native tongue why Yakov Smirnoff’s “In Soviet Russia…” joke is funny

Radik Shvarts

Born in Ukraine, studied Art in Minsk (Belarus), was a part of independent art scene in Minsk and Lviv (Ukraine). Participated in several group exhibits in Former USSR and Eastern Europe. In 1994 moved to New York, where became a graphic/web designer. Worked for for 7 years. In 2000 created, a site for […]

Swingin' Pinguin party

Audioprophecy (Boston), DJ Reedoo (omnitribe), DJ Spinach, burlesque by Dina, Hungry March Band, BBQ by Ilia Pasymansky, instant photo booth by Ilia Popenko.