Movie "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

The 3rd Annual Summer Nights Festival presents a screening of Vittorio De Sica’s delightful 3-part film “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. In “Adelina-Naples,” Loren and Mastroianni are married, and Loren is in trouble with the law. In “Anna,” Loren is married to a wealthy industrialist and has an affair with […]

У Анны Чепмен ус отклеился

11 бойцов невидимого фронта арестованы. В том числе пресловутая Анна Чeпмeн (в девичестве Зорге). В связи с этим, приём в шпионы временно прекращается. Переходим в режим особой секретности. Руководителям ячеек немедленно явиться для получения порционного яда и новых паролей. Пышные барбикью на July 4th не закатывать, держаться в тени, ждать дальнейших указаний. Граждан России эти […]

The Artistic Legacy of the Anikushin Family

The 3rd Annual Summer Nights Festival 2010 presents “The Artistic Legacy of the Anikushin Family,” an evening piano concert and reflection by award-winning pianist Maxim Anikushin. The art works by Maxim’s grandmother Sonya Yankovskaya will be on display throughout the performance. Program: P.I. Tchaikovsky – selections from “The Seasons” Glinka-Balakirev – Nocturne Schumann – Arabesque […]

209 YEARS OF ART, a group show

SET Gallery  is pleased to present 209 YEARS OF ART, a group show of 6 artists, from the former USSR (Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia) who have lived for many years in the USA. Early works, made back in USSR are on view next to recent ones, representing each artist’s path. Featuring: Irina Danilova Vladimir Nekrasov […]

Reflecting on History group exhibit

Reflecting on History OR What Became of My Red Star / Art Opening FREE ADMISSION OPEN BAR 6pm – 7pm LIVE MUSIC starts at 7pm Influenced by artists from their one-time homeland and the world over, fifteen New York City-based, Russian-born artists will provide reflections on their Russian-Jewish-American identity via paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works […]


Commemorating 105 anniversary of the first movie ever made (46 seconds long) “La Sortie de l’Usine Lumière à Lyon” (“Workers leaving Lumiere factory in Lyon”) by Brother’s Lumiere, Project 59 Seconds Video Festival in cooperation with First Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg is announcing initiated by Biennale commissar Alisa Prudnikova a special […]

“Unhappy Happiness” in STEPS Theatre

(Production is in Russian) Steps Theatre’s Producing Director Slava Stepnov wrote and directed an original play based on Chekhov’s short story The Lady with the Pet Dog. The plot of the story is really simple: a holiday romance, an adulterous love affair. Steps Theatre has chosen the famous story because underneath its melodramatic fable it […]


Message from Deejay Spinach: This is the take two of our Electro Swing Funraiser with the very special guest Tri State Conspiarcy live show (swing punk) this time on Lower East Side and it’s a Saturday. Taking the sounds and style of the 1920s and 30s, turning them on their head and smuggling them into […]

Колхоз presents: Billy's Band

After a two-year break Billy’s Band are coming back to NYC with a brand new album “Fleamarket”. This summer the band will be performing at several iconic Jazz festivals in the US. They have made time in their tight touring schedule to come and play their only NYC show. The band is looking forward to […]