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Презентация сенсационного поэтического опуса Александра Гальпера “Генсеки и Гомосеки”

New Russian Choreography

CEC ArtsLink is pleased to once again bring vibrant contemporary dance from Russia to the US by showcasing leading young choreographers in new collaborations. Ksenia Belenkova, Tatiana Domovidova, Pavel Kurov, and Natalia Lisina present new collaborative work created during their residency at the American Dance Festival.

Author Talk: "Stalin’s Romeo Spy" by Emil Draitser

Award-winning author Emil Draitser, most recently of Shush! Growing Up Jewish Under Stalin, returns to present his new book, Stalin’s Romeo Spy: The Remarkable Rise and Fall of the KGB’s Most Daring Operative. This meticulously researched book, which received high marks from The Wall Street Journal, tells the story of Dmitri Bystrolyotov, a dashing Soviet […]

The Colors of the Steppe: Non-Conformist Art from Soviet Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The neighboring nations of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are located in Central Asia, the vast land mass that stretches from the Caspian Sea to Mongolia. Both nations share an Islamic heritage and a physical geography defined by the flat, expansive grasslands known as the steppe. In keeping with Islamic traditions, the arts and architecture of Kazakhstan […]

Rezo Gabriadze Theatre at Lincoln Center Festival

Tickets for all performances of “The Battle of Stalingrad” are sold out… Пока я собирался добавить объявление в раздел Events, оказалось, что спешить уже некуда. “Gabriadze, whose signature work The Battle of Stalingrad, returns to Lincoln Center Festival after stellar reviews in 2002, vividly conveys a kaleidoscope of personal and political issues through the eyes […]