Интервью с Псоем Короленко (2001)

Позитивные утверждения Псоя Короленко. Л.Д.Сколько у тебя вообще песен? П.К. Я не знаю, сколько у меня песен – eсли брать мои собственные тексты, то будет где-то семьдесят. Eсли прибавить к ним мои концептуальные рeмейки, то будет где-то сто, если брать весь репертуар, включая фольклор и песни Шиша, тогда будет где-то сто, сто двадцать. Это вообще […]

NY1 on Gary Shteyngart's latest book

NY1/Staten Island runs an article on Gary Shteyngart’s latest book “Super Sad True Love Story”. The book is a best seller, as well as his previous books: “The Russian Debutante’s Handbook” (2002) and “Absurdistan” (2006). That’s no wonder, as he is just the way American reader likes his Russian-Jewish-American writer: sweet and sour.

Интервью с Алексеем Хвостенко (2002)

– Большинство молодёжи знает Вас по Вашим записям с “Аукцыоном” и участию в создании песни “Город золотой”… – Ну да. В России оставались мои “самопальные” записи этой песни. И мне разные молодые люди рассказывали, что они “на ней выросли”. Особенно художники, музыканты. То есть мои друзья детям своим ее давали слушать. Ну, и, конечно, наибольшую […]

Cardinal Points magazine launch

Message from editors: CARDINAL POINTS (the English version of the Storony Sveta literary journal) launch is on Sunday, October 17 at 6:30PM in Russian Samovar The printed edition can be ordered here: http://www.stosvet.net/lib/ss12.html – Vol 1 http://www.stosvet.net/lib/ss12_vol2.html – Vol 2 Irina Mashinski, CARDINAL POINTS co-editor Oleg Woolf, STOSVET/CARDINAL POINTS project editor-in-chief

Fundraising for DVD release of "Konstantin and Mouse"

Andrei Zagdansky (AZFilms) is raising money to release on DVD his “no-budget” feature documentary “Konstantin and Mouse” about Konstantin Kuzminsky and his wife Emma (aka Mouse).  Some of you may remember that Ycrop.com hosted a screening of the film right after it was completed to raise money for Konstantin and Emma, whose house in Pennsylvania […]

Swingin' Penguin Electro Swing Party

DIRTY HONKERS (Berlin) North American Tour …. Tri State Conspiracy (NY) special set DJ Turmix from Barcelona Dirty Honkers is the spawn child of two planets clashing together. Hip hop producer (Gad Hinkis-Israel), and saxophonists (Andrea Roberts-Canada & Florent Mannant-France). The multi-national crew based in Berlin combines elements of electronics with swing, topping it all […]

Documentary: Joseff Brodsky. Landscape with a Flood

2010, Russia Directed by: Sergei Kokovkin In this 2010 film, Joseph Brodsky is remembered by his friends and fellow writers. An eminent literary figure both in Russia and abroad, Brodsky’s poetry echoed with many generations on both sides of the ocean and continues to fascinate. This film was censored, has been refused air time in […]

2010 DUMBO Arts Festival

Imagine artists working in their studios, musicians and street performers appearing out of nowhere, artists creating murals before your eyes, poets reciting to passers-by, kids enjoying puppetry and music, DJs spinning in the streets, and wildly creative art installations everywhere. The Dumbo Arts Festival takes place on September 24th, 25th and 26th and attracts 150,000 […]

10th Annual Coney Island Film Festival

The Coney Island Film Festival screens a truly eclectic range of films from the U.S. and all over the world and much to the delight of our audience features a number of “made in Coney Island” productions each year. In 2010 the Coney Island Film Festival is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. The festival’s ties to […]

The Third Russian Documentary Film Festival

The festival’s program is made up of the best films by Russian documentary directors, of laureates of international and Russian cinema festivals in 2009. There are films dedicated to Russia’s past and present, films about the great figures in Russian culture, such as the famous people’s artist of Russia, Metropolitan Opera Director and Art Director […]