Julia Belomlinskaya's poetry night

Юля Беломлинская читает стихи в «Русском самоваре» в понедельник 25 октября 6:30pm. Вход бесплатный

Raising funds for Dima Dubson's documentary

[vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/14796891[/vimeo] “For the past year filmmaker Dima Dubson has been following musician and friend Adam Green around New York, Los Angeles and Europe documenting the life of this cult music troubadour. HOW TO ACT BAD will bring you up close, and offer an intimate portrait of the singer/songwriter, artist, rock star and human being Adam […]

"The Holy Mountain" with introduction by Igor Satanovsky

“The Holy Mountain” 1973, Mexico/USA, Alexandro Jodorowsky, 114 min. “The scandal of the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, writer/director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s flood of sacrilegious imagery and existential symbolism is a spiritual quest for enlightenment pitting illusion against truth. The Alchemist (Jodorowsky) assembles together a group of people from all walks of life to represent the planets […]

Folk ensemble Sibirskaya Vechora makes its US debut

Message from CEC ArtsLink: В следующий вторник, 19-го октября приглашаем жителей Нью-Йорка и ближайших окрестностей на единственный концерт красноярского коллектива народной песни «Сибирская Вечора». В репертуаре ансамбля песни общерусского фольклора, а также композиции, записанные на территории Красноярского края. Музыканты исполняют их в сопровождении традиционных народных музыкальных инструментов ‑ баяна, гармони, балалайки, гуслей, жалейки, часто с […]

Zhenya GavriLets Performance

The music of Pisces, featuring acrobatic jazz-inflected vocals of Zhenya Gavrilets, goes down a little smoother: some people will be inclined to hear a bit of Zemfira in her delivery while Western folk will surely note traces of Kate Bush and Sade. Piano and violin performance. FREE EVENT

FILM: The Russian Concept: Reflections on Russian Nonconformist Art

A documentary film by Igor Sopronenko Zimmerli Art Museum will present a film on its collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union. This documentary, produced and directed by Igor Sopronenko, explores art that was created in resistance to the government-imposed style of Socialist Realism from the 1950s to the 1980s. The film tells the […]

FILM: The Desert of Forbidden Art

A documentary film by Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev How does art survive in a time of oppression? During Soviet rule, artists who stayed true to their vision were imprisoned or executed. Their plight inspired the Russian painter, archeologist and collector Igor Savitsky, who daringly rescued 40,000 artworks and created a museum in Uzbekistan’s desert […]

Steps Theatre production "Unhappy Happiness"

Steps Theatre production “Unhappy Happiness”, based on Chekhov’s short story ” The Lady with the Dog”. From company’s Press Release: Зачем дама с собачкой поет шлягеры 60-х? «Договоримся: мы принимаем, как данность, спектакль, в котором Чехов перемешан со стриптизом, шлягеры 60-х годов с рок-н-роллом, а набережная Ялты с профсоюзным домом отдыха. Говорят, сейчас это называется […]

Icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism

Embodying the Holy: Icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism RUBIN MUSEUM OF ART TO EXPLORE THE PARALLELS BETWEEN EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN AND TIBETAN BUDDHIST ICONS An upcoming exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City will examine intriguing correspondences and differences between Eastern Orthodox Christian icons and Tibetan Buddhist thangkas […]