Viktoria Sorochinski

Viktoria Sorochinski is a Ukrainian-born artist who has lived and studied in Russia, Israel, and Canada prior to settling in New York City, where she has acquired her Masters of Fine Arts in 2008. Since 2001 she has been participating in various group and solo exhibitions and international photography festivals in Canada, USA, France, Italy, […]

Garmoshka presents: Zak May Live & Solo

From the event invite: This Holiday Season, there is a real reason to be jolly! Our favorite rythm, groove, and drive master is back on U.S. Soil! He is no “Дед Мороз”, but he only shows up once a year, with a big bag of tricks, and he always delivers! It doesn’t matter if you […]

Matvei Yankelevich and Eugene Ostashevsky

Matvei Yankelevich and Eugene Ostashevsky will talk about translating Daniil Kharms, Osip Mandelstam and other “unofficial” Russian writers of the 1930s, emphasizing the tremendous challenges posed by cultural difference to an enterprise that, at first glance, appears to be purely linguistic. They will also read their own critically acclaimed poetry, which, by making the American […]

Yury Rost

Message from Alla Roylance: Пару лет назад Юрий Рост уже был гостем “русских сезонов” в библиотеке. Мы не успели насладиться досыта, поэтому с радостью сообщаем, что в эту субботу будет еще одна встреча с фотографом, журналистом, прирожденным рассказчиком, путешественником, замечательным человеком. Приходите, будем рады.

Gleb Osatinski needs your vote!

“Pisces of an Unconscious Mind” is a psychological drama about journey between worlds of consciousness told through the languages of scenic imagery, poetry, and allegory” Gleb Osatinski’s short film “Pisces of an Unconscious Mind” is competing in “Be Almost Famous” contest organized by a Rocket Hub. RocketHub offers artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, theatre producers, designers, […]

Gleb Osatinski

My name is Gleb Osatinski. I am the writer, director and producer of a short film called “Pisces of an Unconscious Mind”. I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1971. In 1992 I graduated with master degree in physics from Kharkov Polytechnic University. In 1994 my family and I immigrated to USA, New York and […]

Distanced From The Source group exhibit

When the USSR collapsed and millions of former Soviet citizens became immigrants, those who were at a formative age range at the time had a unique set of experiences that were shared by neither their parents, nor those who came after them. Weened very suddenly from the stability of their homeland’s culture and language at […]

Christmas with Dodo Orchestra

Facebook event description: Dear all, Most of you who’s attended DODO Concert in TACT Studio remember what a Fantastic event it was! The spirit of the event was phenomenal, the energy of DODO Orchestra swept away everyone who was there into the world of music, joy and fun! It was spectacular!!! After playing at the […]

"Novyj Zhurnal" literary awards

Редакция «Нового Журнала» приглашает на церемонию торжественного вручения литературной премии имени Марка Алданова по итогам конкурса 2011 года на лучшую повесть Русского Зарубежья. Литературная Премия им. Марка Алданова посвящена памяти Марка Алданова (1886-1957), выдающегося писателя русской эмиграции, одного из основателей «Нового Журнала». Премия утверждена во имя сохранения и развития традиций русской дитературы в контексте мировой […]

Let My People Go exhibit

This exhibition tells the story of Jews in the former Soviet Union who wanted to emigrate but were denied permission to leave. Visitors will learn about their efforts to maintain a Jewish identity and community life, their struggles with Soviet authorities, and the support the movement generated worldwide. This traveling exhibition is organized and circulated […]