Join us at the Shorefront Y for The Fourth Annual Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York with a premier screening of two films: “Sergey Yursky: The Game of Life” and “Victor Nekrasov. Life in the Trenches.”
The Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York is organized by The New Review, Inc. (USA). This festival will be held in partnership with the Moscow Film Festival, Documentary Division and Cultural Center at Shorefront Y. Learn more about the film festival at

We will screen documentaries dedicated to two Russian celebrities – actors Sergei Yursky and writer Victor Necrasov. In Russian.
Sergey Yursky: The Game of Life
This film is about one of the brightest actors and directors of Russian theater and film – Sergey Yursky. The phenomena оf Yursky’s personality is his universality. He is equally talented as a stage actor and writer. Yursky’s art is an event in the cultural life of the entire country. This film was made with the participation of Daria Yurskaya, Natalia Tenyakova, Alexander Kalyagin, Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Avdotia Smirnova, Alexander Filippenko, Dmitry Bykov, Lev Anninsky, Alexei Simonov, Vladimir Menshov, Pavel Khomsky.

Directed by: Mikhail Minkin
Studio: Television channel “Kultura” (Russia, VGTRK)

Victor Nekrasov: Life in Trenches
An idol of many generations, Victor Nekrasov had written, perhaps, the best book about war, In the Trenches of Stalingrad, had become the youngest laureate of the Stalin award, and had ended up living out his days in exile in Paris. The film features interviews with Nekrasov and unique footage of his performances in Moscow and Paris. The directors, Alexei Shishov and Yelena Yakovich, are laureates of both the Second and Third festivals of Russian Documentary Film in New York for their works The World After Auschwitz and The Golden Age of Ernst Neizvestny, as well as TEFI award winners for their film Walking with Brodsky.

Directed by: Alexei Shishov (1956-2010), Yelena Yakovich

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