Follow a thrilling journey into the underground occult agenda of the 1920’s Soviet Secret Police.

Prof. Znamenski details the zealous Bolshevik commissar Gleb Bokii’s and renowned occult writer Alexander Barchenko’s attempts to use Tibetan Buddhist wisdom to conjure a divine era of Communism by tapping into a power of mysterious Shambhala, a prophecy about a land of pure mystical bliss where inhabitants enjoyed god-like capabilities.

For all those interested in the secret machinations that often occur behind political movements, this program is for you! Blackmail, ritualistic blood sacrifice, tantric “avenging” lamas, fiery psychic visions from masters of a Great White Brotherhood and a magical black stone that fell from heaven, Red Shambhala reveals that real-life history is at times far stranger than fiction.

Ticket includes a tour at 6:15 p.m. of the Shambhala prophecy on the 5th floor.
Tickets can be purchased online at or call 212.620.5000 x 344.

Andrei Znamenski will sign copies of Red Shambhala after the program. The book is on sale at the Rubin Museum shop @ $17.95 / $16.15 Rubin Members

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