May 2011 issue of Wired magazine did an article on Andrey Andreev, a Russian-born entrepreneur, a mastermind behind such highly successful web projects as Badoo, Mamba, Begun and SpyLog. Badoo & Mamba are dating/social network sites, which makes it an entertaining read. Especially, when it talks about Badoo mobile:

Andrey Andreev

“Then we had the idea of mobile — how to meet people nearby,” Andreev says. “We understood that people could meet each other in a big town, but how much more exciting to see who’s sitting next to you in a café? Or you can just walk past a nightclub and see who you can pick up before you get in. It’s another opportunity to hook up random people for adventure. We’re talking about real life, real time. We know this girl is 500 metres from here now.”

п.с. положа руку на сердце, лучшее в этой статье это фото Андрея. Напоминает “Девочку с Персиками” Серова и “Портрет Незнакомки” Крамского (произведение известное в основном благодаря дизайну сайта

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