About Brodsky, but without him
On March 3rd, 2012 at 4:00PM at Central Public Library in Brooklyn, the actors of STEPS Theatre will be reading «Ask Joseph» – a theatrical fantasy by Slava Stepnov and Roman Freud, following the dramaturgy of Anton Chekhov and inspired by the prose of Joseph Brodsky.
The reading of the new play «Ask Joseph» is another step in theater’s work in 2011-12 season. The next step would be a premiere of the play that will happen this coming summer in Manhattan.
This drama is based on facts from the life of Joseph Brodsky, but the authors are convinced that this play is not about a particular person. This story is about immigrants, the people who dramatically changed their lifestyles, therefore sometimes find themselves in two separate realities. This drama is about creative people, the ones that probably feel those realities most acutely. This play is about memory that is over and over (just like tedious parents would) reminding us of the most important.
The play will be read by: Yelena Stroganova, Liza Kaymin, Roman Freud, Misha Freud, David Varer, Josef Toloraia and Sergey Nagorny
The reading of the play «Ask Joseph» will be followed by an exhibition of photo portraits from the «Footprint» project by a New York photographer Anna Roz.
The «Footprint» project is very much in tune with the new play of Steps Theatre – it’s a composition of modern and old photos from family archives of Jewish immigrants. Faded photographs are reminding us of relatives that are no longer around. The old picture gets a new look – past is materialized, it’s right here, so close. Looking at portraits we feel that the past is inseparable from the present, it lives in each one of us, develops through our face features as well as our deeds.
Music by Dmitriy Sokolovsky.
Directed by Slava Stepnov.
In 2012, New York based Steps Theatre is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. The age might not sound too impressing, but for a theater company, put together by Russian immigrants, that produces plays every year in English, Russian and in Spanish – is very sufficient! The theater is taking up a respectful spot in the cultural lifestyle of New York and is also well known in many other countries. The 15-year Anniversary year will begin with a story about Brodsky, but without him…

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