Other Israel Film Festival

Film’s by and about Israel’s minority populations. Founded in 2007, The Other Israel Film Festival uses film to foster social awareness and cultural understanding. The Festival presents dramatic and documentary films, as well as engaging panels about history, culture, and identity on the topic of minority populations in Israel with a focus on Arab citizens […]

Crossroads: Jewish, Gay and Russian

A Panel Discussion Moderated by BluePrint Fellow Yelena Goltsman Come hear an exciting, thought-provoking panel discussion about what it’s like to be a Russian-speaking LGBTQ Jew in the US today. The panelists will also discuss Jewish and gay life in both the former Soviet Union and modern-day Russia. Discover the rich spiritual and social life […]

The International Russian Émigré & Israeli-Russian Film Festival

The Russian American Cultural Center in New York, established the world’s largest and unique Annual International Russian Émigré Film Festival. The Festival explores the overlap of cultures and gives voice to a much-maligned community. Festival Opening and all-day film marathon will take place on November 10, 2013 at the heart of the film district in […]

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here

A new documentary film about Russia’s most celebrated artists will have its U.S. theatrical premiere at Film Forum in New York City on November 13, 2013. Description Ilya Kabakov survived famine, war, fear, guilt and his mother’s homelessness, and created a new kind of art that speaks to the dreams of millions. Now, he and […]

Igor Molochevski: Kaddish for The Machine

Message from Igor Molochevski: Please join me during showcasing of my interactive installation, dedicated to the memory of the victims of nazism. “Dehumanization occurs when uniquely human characteristics (e.g. refinement, moral sensibility) are denied to an out group. This has happened with Black Americans in the United States, Jews during the Holocaust, and the Tutsi […]

Novaya Koja, new issue presentation

Нью-Йорскский литературно-художественный альманах “Новая Кожа” представляет свой четвертый выпуск, а также гостью альманаха, писательницу из Берлина Юлию Кисину. В программе примут участие редакторы “Новой Кожи” Леонид Дрознер и Игорь Сатановский, а также авторы выпуска Александр Гальпер, Джон Наринс, и Ян Пробштейн. О Юлии Кисиной: Родилась в Киеве. Училась на сценарном факультете ВГИКа и в Академии […]

RJeneration Filmik – NYC Edition

New York City – it inspires millions every day to profess their love. People dream, sing, write, film, rap, and create poems about it, even when they don’t live here. In the rush of leading our hectic New York City lives, we often lose sight of the places we pass by everyday and how they […]

Historical Romance: Boris Pasternak, Olga Ivinskaya, and the Birth of “Doctor Zhivago"

Literary Theater Dialogue & WorkShop Theater Company present Historical Romance: Boris Pasternak, Olga Ivinskaya, and the Birth of “Doctor Zhivago.” The scenes from “The Candle Burned…” , “Lightning from Heaven”, and a unique documentary from Olga Ivinskaya’s archive. Pasternak and Ivinskaya are the inspiration behind two full-length plays – Irina Volkovich’s “The Candle Burned…” (performed […]

"The Dancers" photography exhibit by Nina Alovert

Nina Alovert, a native of Leningrad, received her master’s degree in history from Leningrad State University. She worked as a curator at the Comedy Theatre Museum, and photographer for the Komissarzhevskaya and Lensoviet Theatres. She began following the Kirov Ballet (now the Mariinsky) with her camera in the early 1950s. Alovert’s photographs were featured in […]