Meet, reunite, and mingle with the COJECO BluePrint Fellowship community!
*If you’re interested in applying for the Fellowship or curious to meet the fellows
*If you miss your BluePrint peers and want to catch up over drinks and music
*If you’re interested in creating an Alumni Project with BluePrinters
Then join us for the BluePrint Fellowship Party at Gallery Bar on September 17th!
First 2 drinks are free!

The COJECO BluePrint Fellowship is a highly selective year-long program for Russian-speaking Jewish adults ages 25-40 to explore personal and collective identity through the creation of community projects.
The Fellowship begins with a 3-day weekend retreat followed by exciting workshops throughout the year where the fellows meet other talented thinkers and social activists, gain a new perspective on the community’s historical context, learn new skills, and network with BluePrint alumni. In addition to being paired with a personal project mentor, each fellow is awarded a mini-grant of up to $5,000 for the implementation of a community project.
The BluePrint Fellowship is a project funded by the UJA-Federation of NY and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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