Starting in November 2012, the COJECO BluePrint Fellowship will support the fourth cohort of Russian-speaking Jewish individuals ages 25-40, who will receive a grant from $1,000 to $5,000 to develop projects that engage with our community on a meaningful and significant level.
Projects should be innovative initiatives that impact the Russian Jewish community in areas such as arts and culture, technology, environmentalism, social justice, fundraising, volunteering, gender and sexuality, children and families, etc. All projects must have a demonstrated Jewish focus or theme.
After a highly selective one-on-one and group interview process, you will be accepted into the year long fellowship, where you will interact with peers, learn new skills, be matched with a personal project mentor, and gain connections.
You will take part in a 3-day weekend retreat, participate in exciting workshops, interact with alumni, examine identity, meet other talented thinkers and social activists, and much more.
Ultimately you will have the resources, financial support, peer input and, most of all, autonomy to bring your idea to life!
Applications to the 2012-2013 BluePrint Fellowship will be due by September 30th, 2012.

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