Valera and Natasha Cherkashin: Khrushchev and Mao: an Exhibit

This exhibit features pieces by the artists Valera and Natasha Cherkashin. Nikita Khrushchev (1894–1971) had perhaps one of the most colorful personalities of all Soviet leaders. Lacking a formal education, he rose from a village shepherd to the leader of a world superpower, emerging by the mid-1950s as the country’s undisputed leader and Stalin’s successor. […]

Mad Meg Live

Mad Mag’s songs are energetic ballads that possess a fair amount of debauchery, tragicomedy, and nostalgia. Dark and awkward lyrics paint the disturbing picture of a daily life of a lone urban dweller set to the background of upbeat minor key melodies. Come early, stay late! Also on the bill are THE SMOKING FLOWERS, THE […]

Russian Rock Festival III

Rock bands and relevant artists performing live sets . All ages event with brunch and mimosas specials served all day, starting at noon. Featuring: 1. JERRRA BLUES 2.VALYA LABERKOVA AND INSIDE POCKET 3. TESSA MAKES LOVE 4. PYERO 5. EVE LESOV 6. OLYA 7. MISHA VARUM (Y.M.DISTRICT) 8. INNAYA AND DYNOSAURS 9.TIXO 10. KRUSSIA 11 […]

Andrey Bartenev: BUBBLES OF HOPE at the DUMBO Arts Festival

Join Andrey Bartenev and friends at the DUMBO Arts Festival with the triumphant arts procession. Imagine a ferry of boisterous bodies triumphantly arriving in Brooklyn from Manhattan’s South Street Seaport! Imagine yourself in this colorful procession marching through the streets of DUMBO, carrying a manifestation of your personal dream and sharing in others’, dancing to […]

Songs of Viktor Tsoi, covers by Sergey Kuzmenko

Альбом “Звезда по имени Солнце” в Акустике в Бруклине! Год назад мы вспоминали Виктора Цоя вместе с вами на концерте посвященном его 50-ти летию. Были исполнены песни из альбомов “Группа крови” и “Черного альбома”. На этом концерте прозвучат песни из альбома “Звезда По Имени Солнце” и часть раннего материала Виктора Цоя. Акустический концерт позволит услышать […]

Zorge + Tinavie (Russia), The Clox (NYC) in The TequilaJazzz Family show

The Legendary EVGENY FEDOROV and ZORGE, opening acts by TINAVIE (Russia) and The Clox (NYC). ZORGE – As described by Boris Grebenschikov, ZORGE is “a new incarnation of the great Russian rock band TEQUILAJAZZ”. The musicians themselves describe the genre the band performs in as “rock and power-pop”. The new program was created specifically for […]

Girls Rock Festival 5th Anniversary

The mission of The Girls Rock festival is to place a spotlight on music, art and entertainment from a feminine perspective. As they say, “there is nothing like a female touch” and this festival creates a platform that exposes a larger audience to experience many aspects of our collective creativity. This unique approach coupled with […]

Mad Meg debut EP release

Message from Mad Meg: After a long break, during which we regrouped and recorded our debut EP, we are ready to bring it with a whole new and expanded line-up of musicians on Fri, July 5th. The CD will be available for purchase after the show. Ilya Popenko- vox, guitar Ruslan – drums Jason Laney […]

Tribute to Sullivan Hall w/ Nevermoon, Ellina Graypel and Interzona

Another really cool spot, a true landmark in NYC’s live music scene is going away falling victim of “area development”. Does Greenwich Village need to be “developed”? Does “developing” necessarily mean driving the nightlife away turning historical hang-out spots to dull and faceless luxury residential blocks?.. Well, these questions are merely rhetorical. In any case, […]

Jewfro Records Summer Jam

Message from DJ Spinach: Let’s get together and share the vibe!!! Show featuring ZONGO JUNCTION, NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSAMBLE; DJs QUEEN MAJESTY, Spinach and Earthian. ZONGO JUNCTION ( Private Records ) Generating a well-deserved buzz in NYC’s exploding afrobeat scene, Zongo Junction electrifies dance floors wherever they perform. The Village Voice describes their live […]