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Dear all,
Most of you who’s attended DODO Concert in TACT Studio remember what a Fantastic event it was! The spirit of the event was phenomenal, the energy of DODO Orchestra swept away everyone who was there into the world of music, joy and fun! It was spectacular!!! After playing at the different NY venues, DODO is back at TACT Studio with a NEW PROGRAM to celebrate Christmas with you!!!!
Let’s do it again!
Here is the info of the event:
10pm-jam session
tickets at the door $25, alcohol included
This time the format of the event will be different (party like) : more space for you to dance as well as for guests-artists to participate in the performance.
DODO ORCHESTRA is a unique retro-world-jazz quintet that has enchanted audiences with their vivacious energy and a refined repertoire. This NYC-based miniature orchestra is composed of young and talented musicians of the new generation who are everything that is New York — sophistication, cosmopolitanism and the never-ending party. Inspired by beats and sounds from all over the world and moved by the timeless appeal of the bygone era, DODO embarks upon crossing times and places, performing with effortless originality gems of the French, German, Italian and Russian retro. With bold flair they fuse tango and samba, swing and chanson, balkanica and reggae, creating a delicious urban cocktail.
MARIA SOKOLOVSKY (vocals) is a true powerhouse who can move listeners with her sultry exciting voice and her explosive energy, tastefully combining it with the sensibility and skills of an old-fashioned artist. She is a classically trained opera singer and a graduate of Mannes College of Music.
LEONID GELMAN (piano, guitar, sax, vocals) is a graduate of the Thelma Yellin School of Arts in Israel. He does most of the arrangements for the group. Leo’s style encompasses elements of jazz, classical and Russian folk music. It is filled with lyrical strength, warmth and vibrant spontaneity.
DMITRY SOKOLOVSKY (button accordion) is a graduate of Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow, where he initially studied classical and folk music, later expanding towards jazz and world music. Dmitry is recognized for his incredible solos, most of which are improvised on the spot.
DMITRY ISHENKO (bass) is a graduate of Berkeley College and the New England Conservatory of Music. He can often be spotted at the top-notch Jazz venues of New York City. A very accomplished Jazz bassist, Dmitry is highly praised for his deep velvet sound and his unmatched rhythm, tone and articulation.
BORIS ZELDIN (percussions) is a musician-extraordinaire. His style has no boundaries; blending ancient African beats with edgy Nuevo tango rhythms, and doing so with ease, vigor and great panache.
Guest Artist : ERNESTO VILLALOBOS (violin and ukulele)

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