Maria Sokolovsky-vocal
Leonid Gelman-piano, guitar, sax
Dmitry Sokolovsky-bayan
Dmitry Ishenko-upright bass
Boris Zeldin-percussion

This NYC based miniature orchestra is a very new formation, but it feels like they belong together for a long time. Their musical backgrounds differ, but their taste for quality music is same. They all have musical education and experience, and they readily incorporate their knowledge and abilities in interpretation of their sophisticated and crazily diverse repertoire. Pianist Leonid Gelman is doing most of music arrangements for the group, and is equally at ease playing guitar and saxophone, when a song calls for these instruments. Their leading vocalist Maria Sokolovsky is classically trained opera soprano, who is tremendously happy in that “crossover” collaboration. She is finding that quiet amusing and pleasurable to be able to sing all the great melodies that world has to offer. Their button accordionist Dmitry Sokolovsky is a graduate of Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow and one can hardly find a tune that this musician hadn’t yet play. Their sought after Bass player Dmitry Ishenko has graduated from New England Conservatory and often can be spotted at the top notch jazz venues of New York City. And finally, their percussionist, Boris Zeldin, also trained as a piano major, well known for playing around with many rock bands.

It’s hard to define their style; in short, they are acoustic band that plays “con gusto” world music that appeals to them, that is Tango, Samba, Bossa nova, French, German, Italian and Russian retro, all sang in original languages.

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