The series continues after a break with another great lineup of klezmorim for the winter/spring series at the Center for Jewish Arts and Literacy, in the 6th St. Community Synagogue.
This season we add a partnership once a month with the wonderful organization, Center for Traditional Music and Dance, featuring their Tantshoyz, Klezmer Dance Parties. The format for these events will change a little – they will be focused on dance leading and the jam session will start a bit later. Many of the musicians are people who’ve been featured on the series in the past.
Our workshops continue from 6-7:30, but the Yiddish class will not start until mid February. Watch for an update for the exact date.
Come out and support new Yiddish culture.
Tell your friends!
See you there!
6-7:30 Klezmer Workshop
8-9:30 (or 10 during Tantshoyz & double bills) Concert
9:30 – 11 Klezmer Jam Session
Winter/Spring 2012
Jan. 25, CTMD Tantshoyz: Michael Alpert, dance leader, Deborah Strauss, band leader
Feb. 1st – Kol Dodi, featuring Avram Pengas,
Feb. 8 – The Levitt Legacy, featuring Dave Levitt
Feb. 15 – Margot Leverett Trio, Music of Sid Beckerman
Feb. 22 – CTMD Tantshoyz, Avia Moore dance leader, Deborah Strauss band leader
Feb. 29 – Brian Glassman’s Klezmer-Jazz Alliance
Mar. 7 – Purim Party!
Mar. 14 – TBA
Mar. 21 – Sy Kushner Klezmer Ensemble
Mar. 28 CTMD Tantshoyz – Michael Alpert dance leader, Michael Winograd band leader.
Apr. 4 – Double Bill – Benjy Fox Rosen Band & Arkady Goldenshteyn Ensemble
Apr. 11 – TBA (working on a special surprise)
off for counting of the Omer
May 16 – CTMD Tantshoyz
May 23 – Dmitri Slepovitch’s Litvakus, Program of Hasidic Nigunim

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