До Свидания, Мальчики!
US Premiere of 1964 Soviet Classic with English Subtitles!
Goodbye, Boys! is the coming-of-age tale of three teenagers graduating from a Communist school during World War II. It’s summer, and their main goals are swimming in the Black Sea and wooing the girl all three of them love. However, they are asked to become officers in the military, and slowly their worlds begin changing forever. Their parents oppose them, they begin fearing losing each other and their families, and the military tricks and maneuvers them into joining the army instead of the navy.
Dr. Olga Gershenson, Professor of Judaic Studies at University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a specialty in Soviet and Russian film and theater, will talk about Kalik’s heralded film that was banned in the USSR after he applied for an exit visa to Israel. After Kalik made Aliyah, he continued making films in Israel but never achieved the success in film that he had enjoyed in Soviet Russia.
Generously sponsored by Genesis Philanthropy Group with Special Thanks to the Centre of Jewish Studies University of Toronto.

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