Fez hosting a 1930’s Great Depression themed party to jazz up your Halloween night.

Stop by at Fez Art Cafe for dinner, before you hit the club! Watch “Gone With The Wind”… Listen to 1930’s infectious jazz tunes performed by Svetlana Shmulyian and her band (piano, upright bass, trombone, clarinet, sax and two killer vocalists). Live music from 7pm.

Z-Band: Svetlana Shmulyian (vox), Jimmy Zeller (vox and trombone), Misha Seropian (saxophone), Alex Alabin (piano), Dmitry Ishenko (bass), Alexandra Mogilevich (drums).

The Great Depression was a time of extreme financial hardship for many people. Those living in very rural areas whom relied on farming for a living were hit especially hard as well as those involved in the mining and logging industries. People living in the dust bowl areas were forced to walk away from their homes, young people took to riding the rails and long lines at soup kitchens became a familiar sight in the larger cities.

Even with all of the economic hardships of that decade, one thing that did remain affordable for most was food. Although people didn’t continue to dine on the finer cuts of meat and more expensive dishes as many grew accustomed to during the roaring 20’s, they did continue to eat well during the Great Depression with food and sugar prices remaining low.

Arrive in 1930’s style attire!!!

Men’s suit jackets were most often double-breasted with square shoulders and long, broad lapels. These were worn with long, baggier suit pants in in charcoal, steel or speckled gray, slate, navy and midnight blue in stripe or herringbone patterns.The gangster suits also became popular during this time which had wider shoulders, narrower waists, wider pants legs and wider striped fabrics. This was paired with a colorful tie and fedora. The “Palm Beach” suit of the 30’s which was made from linen, seersucker, gabardine and silk shantung which featured a Kent double or single-breasted jacket was a popular summer look for those who could afford it.

Hats were almost always worn by men during this time whether it be a cap or felt hat usually in a dark color. Hair was shorter in the back but longer on top and commonly combed back and facial hair wasn’t as popular during the 30’s.

Women of the 1930’s wore dresses with longer hemlines, slimmer fit with a slight flare, to fuller gathered skirts and upper yoked skirts. Pleated bodices, puffy sleeves and large ruffled collars were also popular as well as lower necklines with squared shoulders. The dresses often had a very tailored look to them. The empire waisted gown with a tie back became popular during the 30’s and bows and fabric flowers accents also became an important accessory.

Two-toned shoes, shoes with rounded toes and wide thick heels, buckles, ankle straps and lace-up shoes were worn. Flats and pumps with a moderate heel were also popular. Hats such as the pill box, brimmed hats and berets became popular and were worn at an angle. Popular hairstyles for women were still worn close to the head with the deep set, finger waves and later the waves loosened up.

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