At your first glance, it feels like INTERZONA and DODO ORCHESTRA belong to the two opposite sides of the spectrum: “electronic” vs. “live”, “cold” vs. “warm”, “hard” vs. “soft”, “urban” vs. “world” — this list could be endless… What unites them (other than the fact that both bands feature Russian-American musicians) is the true dedication to their art resulting in the expression and honesty that creates the unique bond-like feeling of intimacy between the bands and the audience, no matter where they play… There’s something (rather, someone) else who unites the two – Boris Zeldin who plays keys with Interzona and percussions – with DoDo Orchestra. August 23rd is his b’day, while August 24th happens to be a b’day of Andrey Yarygin (Interzona sound engineer) and Maria Sokolovsky (DoDo Orchestra lead singer). An opportunity like this could not be missed — the opposites were meant to unite on Thursday, Aug. 23rd at Drom where “new music for global world” lives.
DJ support + after-show party – PartySquad D.N.KA & M.D.MiX

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