Join us for Konstantin Lunarine’s radical and sensual art photography show ‘The Rapt of Persephone’ at Evans Gallery in SOHO.
Live music by virtuoso post classical duo Andrii Didorenko and Yuliya Basis.
Konstantin is a contemporary Ukrainian/French multimedia artist. His works were first shown in 2002 at Aquarelle gallery in Ukraine followed by several Projection exhibits at Kunsthaus Tschaikowski in Berlin in 2008 -2009. Lunarine had a major personal exhibit at the gallery Artfiler Paris in 2010. His photographs were selected for the Festival of Modern arts “60×60” in Udine in 2010 and a show at Concorde Atlantique, quai Anatole France, near Orsay.
Andrii Didorenko, leader of the progressive rock band Lost World based in Moscow (3 amazing CDs so far) recently recorded his 4 classical sonatas: two for solo violin and two for violin and piano.
Inspired by great violinist-composers like Paganini and Ysaye, Andrii employs the full range of contemporary violin tricks and techniques. But in the same time, being a prog-rock musician, he infuses these pieces with the raw energy and power of rock, sometimes making violin and piano sound like a rock band. Andrii Didorenko together with Yulia Basis, uptown chamber piano virtuoso, will present a variety of innovative pieces at the exhibit opening.

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