Litvakus finally makes it to Little Odessa! A LOT of songs (learn about macaronic language before you go to the concert:
and heymisher litvisher repertoire – hip and cool, artful and meaningful, traditional and original, for listening and for dancing, in Yiddish and Slavic languages.
A full two-set concert by Litvakus! For reservations, call 718-646-1225.

“The Litvakus band brings to life often overlooked Belarusian and Litvak (Belarusian-Lithuanian) Jewish musical heritage— through the prism of their research of the North-Eastern Europe’s music and the wide variety of their own cultural backgrounds. Backed by generations of klezmorim and muzyki, Litvakus are extending the bridge to the modern audiences worldwide, making the old sound new and fresh, hip and meaningful, for the sake of the future of the millennial legacy.”

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