Award-winning Russian film-maker, journalist, author and lecturer Alexandra Sviridova presents this program, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar. In Russian.
Part 1. Short animated film: One Doll’s Story (1986), depicts the horrors of Auschwitz, written by Alexandra Sviridova and directed by Boris Ablymin. This film received the “Silver Dragon”, a major award of XXII Krakow International Film Festival.

“Using stop-action animation, this inspiring film is one of the most engaging films ever made about the Holocaust.” -Patricia Kowal, Los Angeles View, 1996.
Part 2. Film: Broken Silence: Children from the Abyss (2002), from Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Visual History Foundation. This film features the interviews with Russian and Eastern European Holocaust survivors. A discussion with Alexandra Sviridova will be held after the film screening.

About A. Sviridova

Award-winning Russian film-maker, journalist, author and lecturer Alexandra Sviridova has 25 years of internationally-recognized accomplishments in the fields of cinema and investigative reporting. The child of a Holocaust survivor and a political dissident in the former Soviet Union, Sviridova has produced a ground-breaking documentary film about the gulag, as well as hundreds of interviews of Eastern European and Soviet survivors of Hitler’s camps. Sviridova has also produced more than 40 other films and video programs. A member of Moscow’s human rights movement, her intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the evolution of political and human rights in the former Soviet Union and the “new” Russia make her a particularly dynamic speaker, in both Russian and English.

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