The Sephardic Music Festival in collaboration with ISRAMERICA present a MEGA EVENT featuring Miki Gavrielov- The Founding Father of Israeli Music!!!

With Lily Henley

Miki Gavrielov is one of the most loved, cherished, and popular singers in Israel. He is one of the founders of Israeli music and continues to play a major role in the development of the cultural and musical life of Israel. Miki began his career primarily as a songwriter, but through the years has enlarged his role to include performing as well. Miki’s achievements have been matched by steadily increasing public recognition. His songs are sung by many top Israeli singers, as well as by himself, but most of all by the people of Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

Miki started his career as a member of a Rock & Roll band variously named “The Churchills”, “Jericho Jones”, and “Jericho”. Miki continued to write and perform with fellow member Arik Einstein, one of Israel’s most famous singers.

Miki’s first album was released in 1983 and since then he has released 15 albums. In 1990 he released a solo album entitled “Winter Story”. In preparing this album, he collaborated with an ethnic band from Azerbaijan using traditional instruments, such as Camancha, Tar, and Nagra.

Drawing from the Turkish background of his ancestors, Miki then released “Dreaming of my Home” (1991), a tribute to his parents, an album that he recorded in Israel and Turkey, together with the famous Turkish singer Selda Bahajan and several Turkish musicians. They performed during the Israel Festival 2002 at the “Sultan Pool” in Jerusalem in which they all sang together in Hebrew the songs that were translated from Turkish. In 1993 he released his album, ” At the Palm of my Hand”. This was recorded in Bulgaria using both Bulgarian and Gypsy musicians. The back-up singers on the album were a trio of the “Mystery Voices of Bulgaria”. “A House and A Guitar” (1995) is a live-concert album that was a tribute to the new peace agreement between Israel and Jordan; the performances included a band as well as a noted woman singer from Jordan. The recording of this album was done at shows in both Israel and Jordan, including a huge concert during The Israel Festival in Jerusalem. It was the first concert to include Jordanian and Israeli musicians.

Miki Gavrielov’s songs are sung throughout the world, from the Philippines to Sweden to the USA. He was honored by The Israeli Organization of Writers and Composers ;”Acum” with The Composer Award in 1991 and with The Lifetime Achievement in Music Award in 2007. Miki has composed over 800 songs worldwide, has released 15 solo albums and collaborated with many world famous singers on another 18 albums. Visit Miki’s website for more info on the legendary artist:

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