CEC ArtsLink presents another installment of New Russian Cinema – a selection of the latest award-winning short films by young Russian filmmakers, screened in the US for the first time.
The four filmmakers – Tatiana Kevorkova, Konstantin Smirnov, Irina Volkova and Mikhail Zheleznikov – will be in the US September 2-13 as part of the Open World Cultural Leaders program. During their visit, they will spend a week at the Telluride Film Festival in Telluride, CO and present a second screening of their films in Washington, D.C. on September 13th.
Please note that there will be two back-to-back screenings in New York on September 9th. Both screenings include all four films and are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. All films will be shown with English subtitles.
The featured films are:
For Home Viewing (2009, 29 mins, directed by Mikhail Zheleznikov)
“An ordinary Soviet school, the Olympic Bear, the death of Brezhnev, Perestroika, long-awaited adulthood. The trees outside my window were once so small, and now I can hardly see anything through them… ” Using a collection of school pictures, news footage, and 8mm home movies, Zheleznikov takes stock of growing up in the USSR in this poetic documentary.
Spring (2009, 15 mins, directed by Tatiana Kevorkova)
Polina is coming home from a date at the crack of dawn, trying not to wake up her mother as she sneaks into their tiny apartment. But she’s in for a surprise that will bring the entire family closer… An upbeat story about love, breaking stereotypes, and water trucks.
World premiere.
Kolyan (2010, 15 mins, directed by Konstantin Smirnov)
Kolyan has a minimum-wage job and a sick mother, and every day is a struggle. Under the circumstances, falling under the sway of nationalism is all too easy, especially when you share this outlet of aggression with your friends, and it pays in cash. But sooner or later the political crosses over into the personal, and Kolyan realizes the impact of his actions only when it’s too late.
Seagulls (2010, 22 mins, directed by Irina Volkova)
Two young newlyweds embark on a strange honeymoon. He has his head in the clouds, she’s got both feet firmly planted on the ground, and they’re already bickering. Their life is ordinary, their means limited, and the future holds little promise. But dreams can come true, just like in the movies. All it takes is a flight of the imagination.
World premiere.
$5 suggested donation at the door. RSVP required. To reserve tickets, please use the form below.

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