RECORDS FROM THE RUINS is the latest conceptional composition created by Petroglyph. This live performance piece asks us to engage our primordial origins, and reflect upon the nature that we now experience. We put forth the question, “is this what we want?” Or does our inquiry provide insights that beckon us to transform and reach a deeper level of experience.
Petroglyph brings together ancient sounds, indigenous instruments, and skillfill means to create a dreamtime experience that is both insightful and adventursome. The unfolding of Gongs, Didgeridoos, Percussion, and Native and Shamanic sound tools, creates frequency domains excellent for journeying and transformation.
This is the first public performance of this composed piece before they take it on the road. Join us for a fun night, shake out the Winter doldrums, and kick back, layout, or trance out with Petroglyph.
Participants are invited to lay out for this performance. Because we want everyone to receive this production comfortably, either sitting, laying out, or dancing to the groove.
Petroglyph is:
ALEX…Percussion, Didgeridoo, Aeolian Harp, Khomei, Electronics & Effects, All Sorts
DIMA…Didgeridoo’s, Dan Moi, Native American Flute, Kalyuka, All Sorts
Mitch Nur, PhD
Senior Teacher 9ways Academia
Lecturer, Presenter
Founder, Harmonic Therapy Association.
Gongs, Percussion, Shamanic Sound Tools, Tibetan and Himalayan Instruments, All Sorts
MITSUKO…Didgeridoo’s, Himalayan Singing Bowls, All Sorts
Flyer by Julia Sverchuk

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