New York City – it inspires millions every day to profess their love. People dream, sing, write, film, rap, and create poems about it, even when they don’t live here. In the rush of leading our hectic New York City lives, we often lose sight of the places we pass by everyday and how they affect us. But no more! This is your chance to stop and look up, to re-imagine, and rediscover our beloved city, by creating a music video to a NYC-themed song.
RJeneration presents: FILMIK, NY edition. The rules are simple. We provide you with a Flip camera, a soundtrack, and three hours to shoot your ode to New York City in teams of 3-5 people. Upon completion, all the works will be judged by a panel of your peers and winning team be presented with “Best New Yorker” award.
No prior experience required, but space is limited and will disappear in a New York minute.
Registrants will receive in advance a list of preselected New York-themed “soundtracks”. The earlier you register, the earlier you get the songs list (read: creative prep time). Don’t wait!
See past videos:

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