Message from Rock-n-Dance:
Friends! We’re continuing our ROCK-N-DANCE party series combining the energy and expression of a ROCK concert with all the fun and craziness of a DANCE party! COME, ROCK and DANCE with us like there’s no tomorrow!! ))

This time we’re dedicating our event to the Defender of the Fatherland Day (one of the most notorious Russian holidays, February 23rd) and all the nonsense about the “free democratic election” that recently took place in Russia. As a part of pre-election program, president Medvedev has threatened to target the U.S. NMD complexes in Europe with the new Iskander mobile theater ballistic missile systems… Well – let the politicians have their fun while we have ours!! ))


— INTERZONA – New York’s own electro-rock outfit celebrating the beginning of its spring’2012 tour (NYC – Boston – St.Petersburg – Moscow – Kiev…)

— MOBIUS (San-Francisco – NYC) – one of the most promising Russian-American alternative collectives

— DJ D.N.KA – Downhouse resident, 1/2 of The Party Squad D.N.KA & M.D.MiX. From reggae to swing, from Gypsy to Latin, from disco to house – only the best

— TIM (Trance Division) + FX MIKE – very special set from the pioneers of NYC’s psy / progressive scene

Doors: 8pm.

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