From Interzona:


It all started back in ’98, when a DJ, a guitarist and a vocalist / keyboard player got together and started mixing electronic beats with live guitars and vocals. It was new and it was cool. A year later, the band called Interzone played its first show at a Dumbo party, along with Cooky Conspiracy, Waterwalls and Gogol Bordello. A lot of things have changed since then. We played many shows – in NYC area and beyond. We released 2 full length albums which were recorded in New York and St.Petersburg, Russia, with the help of our good friends from Dobrolet Studios, Tequilajazzz, Markscheider Kunst and Splean. We traveled from New York and Boston to Seattle and Portland, from St. Petersburg and Kiev to Moscow and back to New York…

Many good people and musicians played in InterzonA throughout these years. Recently it feels like it has come the full circle – and Interzona of today are the same Mikhail Musaev, Boris Zeldin, Serge Burzhulovsky and Mike Danilin – who played that Dumbo show back in ’99. Andrey Yarygin – our sound engineer – joined us in 2003 and Oleg Smirnov – the drummer – has been with the band for a little over a year.

This is our first show on Manhattan since 2009, and we wanted to make it a very special occasion – a full-scale rock-n-dance party, with support from our good friend Deejay Spinach and very special guests:
D.N.KA (1/2 of The Partysquad D.N.KA & M.D.MiX)
Tim (Trance Division) + FX Mike

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