Forgotten Fall

At the turn of the twentieth century, Vera Chmeleva was born in France to a prosperous French-Jewish family. Now, at 98-years-old, she lives in Odessa in poverty and loneliness. Vera’s generation is ignored by the state and the ideals for which it fought have lost meaning. Vera remains optimistic despite having to struggle to survive and find her place in a modern society where the market economy reigns supreme. This film offers a fresh perspective on post-Soviet reality, as illustrated by Vera’s life.

Directed by Regina Maryanovska
(20min, Ukraine, 2008)

The Way Home

The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the transition to a capitalist economy has left many of Ukraine’s most vulnerable citizens unprotected. This documentary is a Dickensian and heartbreaking portrait of the street children of Odessa – only some of the tens of thousands of homeless children in post-Soviet countries.

Directed by Regina Maryanovska

(28min, Ukraine, 2010)

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